Wyld Life: Middle School

Welcome to Bozeman WyldLife! We love our middle school kids and they sure keep us on our toes. We're passionate about introducing them to Jesus and meeting them in the little things: picking them up from school, hanging out at recess, cookie parties, and bus rides to camp. We're currently in Bozeman's two middle schools: Sacajawea and Cheif Joseph, but are excited to meet kids all across the valley as we anticipate new growth! Come hangout with us!

We meet every Thursday evening at 7:17pm at The Rock Youth Center across the street from Bozeman High! Checkout our Facebook and Instragram pages to stay up to date on all our "wild" adventures.

Young Life Bozeman | PO Box 547 Bozeman, MT 59771-0547

Phone: (406)600-6962

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