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Donors are vital to Young Life in the Gallatin Valley. Because Young Life is financially supported solely by local families, business and fundraising events, donors’ financial gifts account for all of the Gallatin Valley Young Life budget. Your donation helps us hire and train staff and provide essential administrative support to the area. Your contributions also supports operating expenses such as salaries and other ministry costs and can help send kids to Young Life camps and events.  We can't do this without our community support!

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Join TEAM 64!

Gallatin Valley Young Life is on a mission to find 64 businesses, churches and families that will support teenagers in our valley for $64 per month. 
TEAM 64 donations will go to fund 100% of our direct ministry with teenagers which includes: club, campaigners, leadership development and contact work!
64 people to join TEAM 64 will drastically change Young Life in this valley and will help support the 300+ kids we already know and allow us to meet so many more!

We are 14 of 64 TEAM members right now!





Help support Young Life in the Gallatin Valley!

Young Life exists in the Gallatin Valley because of adults who care about kids. Thank you for helping us reach kids in our valley who desperately need a message of hope.

Donate Now! If you would like to join the Young Life support team, you may either give a gift online or mail a check payable to Young Life to:
Young Life / Attn: Jenn

P.O. Box 547 / Bozeman, MT 59715

Be sure to write "MT21-Gallatin Valley" on the memo line of your check to designate your gift to Young Life Gallatin Valley. 
Questions? Contact Adam Silverness at (406) 600-6962.


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